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There is something super-hot about seeing this with no music overlaid, just as it was filmed on the day on set. Just the sounds of breath and kisses.

OMG I´m sorry to say that…but without sound it is just….OMG!


my god


And this time Stana was the one to use tongue!

Track Title: I Said Legs, Castle

Artist: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett

Album: Demons 4.06




When you take just the audio….

This is worse than listening to just the audio of “Cuffed” Lol

this is beautiful 

"Dear Rick, I don’t know how much time I have, even to write this letter. What I do know now, is that I’m in this and the only way I’m gonna make it out alive is to see this through. I’m sure everyone is looking for me, and if they figure out I was here CSU is gonna search this house. They’re gonna look for blood, and they will find it. Which will lead them to this letter. Babe, it’s your letter and I hope you never have to read this and I can tell you all of these things in person. But if something happens and I don’t make it. I need you to know that our partnership, our relationship is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You’re an amazing man, and I love you with all of my heart. Always."

Kate Beckett, 6x17: ‘In the Belly of the Beast’| requested by: stanascastle


Christina Applegate outing as a Caskett fangirl 😘 Absolute adorable. Guest star on Castle should be deserved. 👏👏



Castle AU: Kate is murdered because of Castle’s books. Castle blames himself for what happens and can’t get over it. One night he decides he can’t take it any longer so he drinks and downs a couple bottle of pills all the while he’s flooded with memories of his life with Kate. Ryan finds Castle in his apartment and tries to revive him, then sends him to the hospital where a team of doctor’s also try to revive him. At the very end he’s starting to slip into the light, and when he finally falls he wakes up and is back with Kate in the afterlife. (x)

i never thought 8 pictures could make me cry so much